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Autoloader dont see change.

Created: 07 Mar 2013 • Updated: 18 Apr 2013 | 9 comments

Hi, My problem is when i remove  the cartridge and put another in the autoloader, the autoloader see automatically the change, but, BE dont see the new cartridge,  BE only see the old cartridge in the slot. 

If i go to in BE and i click to analyse BE see the new cartridge.

Is it possible that BE see automatically the change without go in the software?

Thank you for your help.

Windows 2003 32b  update

Autoloader HP 1/8 G2 with LTO 5  (3000)  SAS  update

Operating Systems:

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If you're doing this on the hardware itself, then BE isn't aware of this and you have to scan for new way around this.

The other option is to designate a mail slot on the library, and then create Import/Export jobs within BE to move the tapes in and out of the library. BE will be aware of this change in tapes this way.


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This is not very practical if you want to change 3 or 4  or more cartridges.

Surely there must be an option that BE can see if there has been no change in the magazines automatically without going into the software every time?

Maybe there is a problem of communication between my autoloader and BE?

I have not watched the operation of import export, maybe there is a solution in his options?

Thank you for your help.

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I've used ARCserve as well and it works the same...remove the tapes from the library's interface and ARCserve doesn't know about this...export/import the media and ARCserve is aware of it. That is how the software works.


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As prevously advised, this is the normal behaviour.  The tape library does not "tell" BE that there are changes because it will not know which software is controlling it.  You could be using NBU instead of BE.

The only way to update the library status in BE is to do an inventory if you are not using barcode labels or a scan if you are using barcode labels.

If you are using barcode labels, then doing an import will automatically update the library status.  If you are not using barcode labels, make sure that you select the option to do an inventory after the import.

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Hi, yes i use the barcodes on my cartridge, but when i use import the update is very slow because it take all cartridges to read the header for each cartridges.

it does not seem read the barcodes.

i see the barcodes in BE.

Where is my mistake?

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Make sure you have not check the Inventory After Import checkbox when you set up the import job.  You don't need to do an inventory because you are using barcode labels.  BE will automatically read the barcode label and recognise the tape during the import process.

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It seems to work. I scheduled a import before each backup but there is an popup alert. (Media intervention) and we are obliged to click ok.

i am go to Tools and Alert Categories to select (Media intervention) and the option ( Automatically clear alert after) is not available. what to do?

Thank you for your patience.

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I found a solution that was not the best but we will deal with it.

Currently the option to configure Media Intervention or Device Intervention alerts in a configurable timeframe is not available. These alerts can be responded manually to complete the operation or else will be responded by ADAMM automatically after 20 mins.

if you have better solution for me thank you for letting me know.

Thank you for your patience, you have really helped me.


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You would just have to live with the alert, just like I have all these years.