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Automate adding Windows client to existing policy via script on client

Created: 29 Jul 2013 • Updated: 14 Aug 2013 | 3 comments
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Our Netbackup server runs on Unix, and backs up both Unix and Windows clients.  I know how to manually add a client to a policy using the console.  I also know that you can run scripts on the master server to add clients to a policy.

My question:  Is there a way to run script from the Windows client computer that will add the computer to an existing backup policy?  I would like to add this script into our imaging process to ensure that all new computers are automatically added to a policy.

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Stuart Green's picture

With a UNIX master and Windows clients, I cannot think of a way there is within the software to send from the Client its details INTO a policy on the master.

Theoretically you include in your image putty and automate running a command that has been populated by client name, as part of the image build. This command could be run and executed on the UNIX master... although I would place some authentication mechanisms between the two.

Or just include the adding of the client into a backup policy as part of the server build standards.

Fire off some email via blat within the image build to remind the backup admin group to add this into a policy.

If clients are VM's then this can be fully included for backup as part of VIP.

Tip: Get overview/document your NBU environment. Run 'nbsu' and review the output.

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Marianne's picture

There are no commands included in client binaries that could be executed to update policies.

Policy commands are all in the admincmd folder and only exist in server or Windows Admin Console installation.

There are unfortunately limits to any kind of automation. Stuart's suggestions seems to be your best bet.

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