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automate missed backups BESR 8.5

Created: 05 Nov 2010 | 11 comments

Currently i have several laptops on my network with BESR 8.5 installed on them. i have them scheduled to backup at night to a SAN everday. when these systems are taken home they don't backup and in the morning the users click no when asked to run the missed backups. is there a way to take this option away from them? To make this automatic instead of an option? 

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Yes I also interested in how to automate/resume the backup process after the server has just recover from the server restart as well.

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You might take a look at the automation guide on the product CD and create a VBS script that checks wheter the last backup was missed and in case it was just run the backup. You could then add this to the autstart folder and let it run everytime a user logs on.  For the server you'd add the script as a startup script using GPO.

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Is this a viable option with you ?

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Kinda, but not really. I'm not really good at scripting so it could be if I knew what i was really looking at. So far I have written my script to look to see if the computer is on the network. then it will check to see if there is a scheduled job already created. this is far as I have gotten.

I still need to write it where it will tell me if a backup job has been missed, and how to run the scheduled job that is created.

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Also, make sure you are using BESR 8.5.7.

Andreas Horlacher

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I am running 8.5.7. I guess my issue is due to my inexperience. When trying to script these processes I am getting a little lost on what will do what. My process in which my script will run is the following:

it will ping a server on the network. if it doesn't ping it then the script ends, if it does then it will check if there were any missed backups. if there weren't then it will end. if there were then it will initiate the backup process (without letting the user have the option to cancel.)

so far i have the ping part down. my problem is to be able to script where it will find out if  there missed backups.

any ideas??

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it should be man, because whenever i missed the backup because of the poweroutage or USB drive missing, i can always click on the toast windows lower right hand corner.

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I tell my people to do that too, but the problem i have found is that they have options. Most of the time they click no. so when their system breaks down and we need to reimage one they wonder why they have no data. thats the reason for my script. I want to take away options for them. Currently all my companies computers back up to a san. that is why i want the script to check if they are on the network before actually doing the back up. i plan to make this script run when they log on the system, like placing it in the startup folder.

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@Sarge, please put it as the GPO startup script under Machine / Computer object rather than startup folder of every user.

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Can anyone post a copy of the VBS script?

Sarge1981 your not the only one. I have this issue as well. The users always click "No" when asked whether to run the missed backup, therefore causing major problems when something needs to be restored.

It's a pitty this isnt included as an option within Backup Exec System Recovery, rather than having to use an external script.

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I haven't gotten very far on my script yet. things have been kinda busy, but i am working on it again. so far my script will check to make sure the computer is connected to the domain. then it will check to see if there is a scheduled job. i have not been able to find/do anything beyond that yet. i am attaching my script so that maybe someone esle will be able to figure it out. If someone does please post the product back.


BESR_script.txt 2.12 KB