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Automatic create CHF File

Created: 18 Sep 2012 • Updated: 28 Feb 2013

Hi, i currently develop an application with calls PCA through Process.Start
          sFilename = sPfad + "\ras.CHF"

            Dim myProcess1 As New Process
                myProcess1.StartInfo.FileName =  "awrem32.exe"
                myProcess1.StartInfo.WorkingDirectory = sPfad
                myProcess1.StartInfo.Arguments = sFilename + " /c" + sIP

At the moment in the ras.chf file i save the username and password.
Now my question, can i dynamic create the chf file to give username and password dynamic?

I have found some older documentation about pcaole, but is there no current (framework 4) solution?
thanks martin

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