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Automatic deletion from vault after PST Export

Created: 14 Apr 2006 • Updated: 23 May 2010 | 5 comments
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Hi all

the only way I've to have my vault size reduced after a PST Export is manual. So that, in the console I choose Export from Archives branch, generate the wanted PSTs and then, manually, using Search.asp choose my search parameters, select all the items page by page and the choose Delete fm Vault.

Is there somebody who knows if there's some script guided or automatic procedure to do this?

Thank you in advance

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I presume what you're doing is exporting a subset of what is in your vault then to PST in order to reduce the size of the vault. Why?

Obvioulsy if you exported everything you can use the delete archive option but I assume you're not doing that.

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yes. You correctly presume. I've a couple of customer that want to export some subset from some mailbox, in order to have some media such as CD containing those PSTs.

Once this is done they also would reduce the size of vault deleting the just exported subsets. But, while you can have a lot of choice in exporting for which concern the deletion the only way is that boring and "error risk" use of "search" from http://vaultsite/enterprisevault/search.asp (assuming you're using of course a user with rights permissions on mailboxes).

 Giacomo Milazzo
Sinergy SpA-Rome (IT)

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sorry for question but...are you sure? Which way?
I ask this because with 6 SP2 this is not possible...

 Giacomo Milazzo
Sinergy SpA-Rome (IT)

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Yeah dave....are you thinking that this is an option to the export archive wizard? I don't remember seeing a "delete" option.