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Automatic VIP distribution

Created: 27 Feb 2014 • Updated: 15 Mar 2014 | 3 comments
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Dear Expert,

I have a question regarding VIP in SFS.

Right now I have SFS installed using 2 nodes: SFS1 & SFS2.

At some time SFS2 went down due to power failure, all the service group (including the VIPs) will be failover to SFS1, right?

However, what would happen when SFS2 comes back up again? Will some of the VIP on SFS1 automatically failover/distribute to SFS2? Or will it still stay in SFS1 and need manual intervention to re-distribute it (ex. using network ip addr command)?

Appreciate any comments on this matter, thanks.

Thanks & Regards

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Gaurav Sangamnerkar's picture


I have not really worked with SFS but in my opinion yes, all should failover to SFS1 & if in case SFS2 comes back, I would expect for VIP to stay on SFS1 untill a manual intervention comes in. This is same VCS behavior & SFS too uses VCS.

This is simply for a reason that if auto failback happens, it will cause for an unexpected outage, would be better to have it planned with manual intervention


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aryamahzar's picture


Thanks for the comment, yes I agree with you, the default behaviour for VCS would be it will need manual intervention to move again the service group to SFS2.

Anyway, I'm just curious whether in SFS there's some trigger/script or something which can automatically distribute the VIP when SFS2 rejoin the cluster. Unfortunately for me, I can't test this as it's live production server :)

Hoping someone with SFS experience can shed some light on this,

Thanks & Regards.

aryamahzar's picture

Ok, I've got the chance to test this on my production server, first I shutdown SFS1 and then SFS2. Afterwards, I turn on SFS1 and saw all VIPs running on this side, and then I turn on SFS2, magically some VIPs switched over to SFS2 to make it balance.

So the answer is: Yes, SFS will auto distribute VIP when a node join the Cluster

The answer for how: After painfully digging the logs & scripts, it turns out the postonline trigger script on Phantomgroup_pubethX service group did the trick to redistribute the VIPs!!! Haven't found this information anywhere in the manuals :)