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Automatically overwrite backup sets on USB drives

Created: 30 Oct 2012 | 5 comments

Backup Exec 2012 on Windows Server 2008 R2

I have two 3TB USB drives configured in a Storage pool that I do nightly full backups on and rotate each morning.  Is there a way to configure them to automatically overwrite the oldest backup sets when it gets low on disk space?  I couldn't find anything in the settings for this.

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You would have to change your media set properties so that media becomes available on time for overwriting.

Also make sure you aren't appending to your media, and are instead overwriting the B2D files.

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I don't think these USB drives that are part of my storage pool, are part of any media set as they don't appear separately under any of the "tape/disk cartridge media sets and vaults"

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2012 does not allow Append on disk storage (USB included, RDX included)

Also 2012 does not use media sets with Disk Storage (RDX Excluded until next full version) 2012 uses a time retention setting in the job config instead.

However you can only do time based choices (not disk fill choices) and as 2012 uses DLM it is not the action of a job that causes the old data to be removed, a 4hour cycle runs to check to see if data on disk has passed the retention period and then reclaims (deletes) the media in the background. As long as the USB disk stays connected -  we currently have a known issue for it not working as expected when the USB disk is not connected and DLM idenitifes media that can be relaimed on the unconnected drive,.

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Is there any timeframe on when a hotfix will be out to fix this issue?