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Automatically Overwriting Inserted Tape

Created: 17 Jan 2005 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 8 comments

Apologies in advance if this question has been asked before, but I was unable to locate the answer I am looking for.

I have 2 Windows 2003 server running Backup Exec 9.1 that have a single tape drive. The amount of data being backed up should have no difficulty fitting onto 1 tape. How do I tell Backup Exec to just take whatever tape is in the drive and overwrite? With the Unix servers we have, the backup program just overwrites whichever tape is in the drive without any prompting. I am running into an issue where the media I am allocating is not sufficient due to the appending, so when the job asks for another tape, we are unable to provide it.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Configure the Media Set properties appropriately to overwrite the media.

You may set the Media Set properties as follows to always perform an oevrwrite job.

Overwrite protection period = 0 hours
Append Propection period = 0 hours

You may refer the following Technote.

Create a backup job and select Overwrite from Device and Media under Destination.

Inventory the media and run the job to overwirte the media.

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>> How do I tell Backup Exec to just take whatever tape is in the drive and overwrite?

Tools -> Options --> Media Management -> select None

Allows you to overwrite all media, including those that have current overwrite protection periods (allocated media).

Caution: The None option is not recommended because it does not protect data from being overwritten.

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Just a thought, I keep reading about this issue and I get the impression that Veritas don't understand the Small Business Server client. We manage serveral networks with five to ten users where it is "quite likely" that the person responsible for changing the tape will forget/go sick/take a day off etc. and if there are conditions that prevent overwriting then no backup will take place. If there are at least five backup tapes in use an overwrite is much more important than no backup at all. I don't believe that Backup Exec for Small Business Server is geared for small businesses.

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With the base options set to protect all media, if you place the tape ID you want to overwrite into the "Scratch Media" section on the media tab it will overwrite that tape only (or possibly another tape with a different name providing it's in Scratch Media)

Only downside is you have to remember to place the tape id into the scractch media section after each successful job, if you don't it'll just bleep all night and fail to back the data up.

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Please let us know if you have referred the steps given by Mani. Also,

Go to the Media tab. Right-click on the media set. Select "Properties" and check the Append Period setting. You may change this setting according to the the amount of time you wish to append to the media.
Also, ensure that the tape has sufficient free space for the entire backup job before running an append job on it.

Moving the media into the Scratch Media Set makes the media overwritable, and not appendable.