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Automating password protected SEP client uninstall

Created: 23 Oct 2012 | 1 comment

I came across a situation, where there is no native way of unattended removal of a SEP client whenever it there is an uninstall password protection and tamper protection in place. In order to workaround this problem, I used powershell to parse the uninstall log and as soon as password prompt is displayed, I use WASP snap-in ( to type the password and "hit" enter.

Below is the core of the script, which you might want to expand with all kinds of authentication, reporting, try-catch-finally, etc.



Clear-Content c:\log.log
Start-Process "msiexec" -Args "/x {F4A73EC6-EFC4-488D-AF1A-F2C3CD1BC072} /qb-! /l*v c:\log.log"

Start-Sleep -Seconds 10

do {
$log = Get-Content c:\log.log
Start-Sleep -Seconds 5     
} until ($log[-2] -match "CheckUninstallPassword")

Import-Module '.\WASP.dll'
Select-Window * | Select-ChildWindow | Send-Keys "1243"
Select-Window * | Select-ChildWindow | Send-Keys "{ENTER}"



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