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Automation Policy to add missing computers to an Organizational View?

Created: 29 Aug 2013 | 3 comments

I'm trying to find a way to automatically add machines to an Organizational View if they're not already in it.  What I'm trying to find is a way to identify machines which are managed and which are not yet anywhere within a specific Organizational View.  Then I want to add those machines to an 'Unsorted' folder within that Organizational View so that they can then be manually moved where they belong.  Machines which already exist within that Organizational View should be left where they are.

Can anyone help?  I've been thinking to start with the criteria for "Agents Installed in the Last N Days" but am not certain of how to exclude systems already in the Organizational View.  

Operating Systems:

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v1.Guid as 'ResourceGuid'

FROM vComputer v1

WHERE v1.Guid in (select ResourceGuid from ScopeMembership where ScopeCollectionGuid = 'abe7b346-ea5e-43e0-b70d-b484441f5ead')

I use this query to find the computers in a specific Organization Group, not an Organizational View.  (I tested, this doesn't work at the OV level).

Maybe it can help you get started or inspire something?

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You get the OG's GUID by right-clicking > Properties.

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Might want to take a look at the document linked below:

How to create an Automation Policy to move resources into an Organizational Group - ""