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Automation Policy for Populating Org Groups

Created: 31 Aug 2012 | 1 comment

I have an Automation policy set up that populates Organizations groups that I set up as well. It's doing what it is supposed to but I dont think it is getting all the computers I need. It is a raw SQL query for grouping specifically named computers:

Select GUID from vComputer where [IsManaged] = '1'
and [Name] like 'xxxx%'
and not [Name] like '%xxx%'
and not [OS Name] like '%xxxx%'

It will populate and give me a number of say 80. But if I go to Manage Computers and put in the same [name] I get a result that is different and probably more accurate. Is there a different query I should be using?


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SaschaH's picture

What makes you think its more accurate? Did you find specific computers missing in an organizational group? do you add all your queary parameters to you search i managed computers as well? Do you have non managed, AD or network discovered computers? They will also show up there. Then you should lose your [isManaged]='1' in the query.

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