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Autopurge for VDI not working?

Created: 21 Jan 2013 | 7 comments
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SEP 12.1 RU2

I've set autopurge for disconnected VDI at 2 days but it does not work...

I see clients last time online 10 days ago (in the properties section I see them as VMware).
If I set the filter in order NOT to see offline non-persistent VDI, I still see them... it's like SEP does not recognize them as non persistent VDI.

I've already performed all the steps described in best practices (vietool, clientprep and so on).

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SEPM will ‘remember’ all new images attaching, which can build up quickly in a VDI environment.  An admin can either reduce the interval required for clients to age out of SEPM or periodically run a cleanup script which purges the old client records. 


Also check this - 

Using Symantec Endpoint Protection in non-persistent virtual desktop infrastructures

Configuring a separate purge interval for offline non-persistent VDI clients

Hope that helps!!

Mithun Sanghavi
Associate Security Architect


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The link refers to clients that have not been prepared for cloning...

As I said, I've used cliensideprep tool so I don't think I'm in that situation.

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Ehm... no... I see this for the first time surprise

I mean, I don't see this steps in the "official" instructions regarding virtual environments but probably I'm too old and I'm beconing blind smiley

Are you telling me that if I "tag" the original VDI template with that registry key, those machines will use the autopurge days set in VDI of the domain?


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Yup, the SEP clients only count as Non-Persistent VDI machines if this reg key is present.  It must be present in the base image from which the Non-Persistent VDI's are spawned, otherwise they'll just use the "Normal" purge option

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Bear in mind that this reg change is NOT included in the clientsidecloneprep tool and must be perfformed as a separate step.

I've already raised this at the WTS that this setting would be better implemented as a checkbox within a Client Install Settings package.  I'm happy to create an IDEA for it if need be

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Just FYI, I have created this request for a simople checkbox as an IDEA.

Please take a look-see and vote on it if you think it useful.

@diabolicus23: I hope your issue is sorted (though I suspect you'll need to wait until tomorrow to confirm if you're sticking with your 2 day threshold).  It'd be appreciated if you could mark any posts you found useful with a "Thumbs Up" or as the Solutionwink