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AV exceptions in Local Settings

Created: 05 Oct 2009 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 7 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hello friends, can any one tell me how to add a folder in exceptions policy in Local Settings of users

example the bello folder from the user's

c:/Documents and Settings/290982/Application Data/IMP
c:/Documents and Settings/290985/Application Data/IMP
c:/Documents and Settings/320452/Application Data/IMP

i want to exclude the IMP folders from all the users from my Org. there are 6000 user's in my org.

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User centralized exception and under security risks exception select folder , select none and
%Appdata%\IMP  folder
this should work fine.
more on centralized exception here.

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does this work for Different user's??????????

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Yes it would work,

Here we are excluding a folder under

C:\Documents and Settings\rafeeqm\Application Data

so if you go to start - run - %userprofie%
it would be currently logged in user, so every profie would have an app data folder
so we are excluding that folder, irrespective of users..

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i added %Appdata%\IMP  folder in centralized exceptions list but AV is still it scanning this folder.

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When ever you create a centralized exception.
AV will scan the folder but no actions will be taken on it..same as not scanning..

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Hi Rafeeq,
it will not work,
i opened a case with symantec technical support they also say the same thing,
go through bellow mail got it from symantec,

Since the exclusion path is under the user profile, we do not have much option with adding only with the "Alluser" under C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data. The exclusion has to be made for each user account which looks very lenght job.     Also since you have tried with adding the %Applicaiton% and found not positive result, We have left with only the option of adding each user in the exception list.


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Could you add the exception as follows and have SEP ignore IMP wherever its encountered?