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Created: 07 Aug 2013 | 4 comments

We are running a NBU on a windows 2008 R2 as master server.

Had a huge backup failures with 96, and we found that there we no media in volume pool or in the scratch pool.

I would need a script that send me an e-mail every 24 hours about the available media in all the volume pools and scratch pool.

Do any of you have one? Will Available_Media.cmd under goodies can help me?

The whole idea is to proactively monitor that all volume/scratch pools have "AVAILABLE" media to use to run the backup.

Any reporting OPS center?

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Yes there is report in Ops manager which needs to configure with Manual reports.

once the report is created you can place the same in ops schedule to send the reports periodically.

Media ID Total Space Used Space Free Space %free space % Used space

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Please refer pages 647 to 649 in Symantec ops Center Admin Guide.

Full Media Capacity report: This report shows the average amount of protected data (in kilobytes) on a tape for each master server and media type. These are the tapes that Netbackup marked as full.The bar chart depicts the amount of data (in kilobytes) per media type.The report table is organized by server, media type and count, and shows the size and number of images on the tape.

 Available Media report : This report lists the media that is available for use by Netbackup for each master server that is selected. The report table provides information, such as, media server, media status, robot type, volume group and pool, and the time assigned.

 Media Utilization report: The stacked bar chart in this report shows the number of media in use for a server per date. The segments in the bars show assigned, unassigned, frozen, full, off-site, or suspended media states. Tool tips in the chart show the count for each media state.

The data for this report is only calculated once in a day. So the report shows the summary till the previous date. The data for today reflects in the report that you generate tomorrow. The table in the report is organized by date and server, and shows counts for each media state.

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Yeah gotcha :)

Used the templates available. But i choose distribution as view and unable to change.

I would just prefer the numbers.

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In Windows, you can create a "task schedule" to send you the output of available_media every 24 hours. This will be the simplest way.

If you just want the numbers, you will have to create a script to extract those "number of available media" from available_media output, and in similar form, create a "task schedule" to run that command every 24 hours.