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AVVI Agent Backups failing of some virtual Machines with error 0xe0009583 - Cannot connect to virtual center or host

Created: 30 Aug 2013 | 2 comments


we have an issue with Backup Exec 2012, backing up VMs via vCenter:

AVVI Agent Backups failing of some virtual Machines with error 0xe0009583 - Cannot connect to virtual center or host

it's exactly the problem described in, except that it concerns BEX 2012 and not 2010R3 as stated.

this problem is indicated as "being investigated", so I guess support team doesn't have a solution by now. but I can expose my observations, which may help someone else.

The problem is random:

  • it doesn't always happen - 2 failure on 3 execution
  • il doesn't happen at the same moment - job fails while backing up different machines randomly
  • randomly, but rather soon - most of the time, il fails before half an hour after the job has started

another thing tricky is that I have 2 sites with WAN link - let's call them site A and site B (how original is that?)

I have a VMWare datacenter (as in vCenter terminology) in each site.

I have one vCenter Server, in site A.

I made the (almost) exact same installations of BEX 2012 on both sites.

BEX server on site A back up VMs  via the vCenter smoothly. I never had this failure on this site.

BEX server on site B has the problem I described.

I first thought about a WAN network issue, but the technote doesn't mention WAN or network.

What do you people think:

does anyone has the same problem?

did someone have issue using a vCenter backup through a WAN link (vCenter on different site than ESX and BEX servers)? i would like to dig the network lead.

my backup is useless - because it's unreliable. How could backup my VM, waiting for a solution from support? I can't connect directly to ESX because of vMotion,HA and other vCenter features that switch VM between ESX servers. I could back them up via RAWS, but I loose VM-level restoration.


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I think you should you contact Symantec regarding your problem.  Although the document is for BE 2010 R3, I think Symantec is still trying to get a handle on the problem which is why there is a statement at the end of the document asking users who experience this problem to contact Symantec to assist in the investigation.  If the problem does occur in BE 2012, they would be interested.

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and thx pkh for your advice.

i have opened a case with support, we'll see.

anyone about WAN access to vcenter?