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AVVI Backups on BE2014

Created: 27 Jul 2014 | 3 comments

Hi all,

I'm looking in to setting up BE 2014 and redesigning our current backup structure.

One thing I'm looking in to is AVVI backups. This looks like a great feature I could use so am keen to look in to it.

Are there any types of servers that AVVI is not suitable for, maybe SQL Servers or File servers?


Operating Systems:

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I would recommend to have a look @ the SCL and it will give you info as to what type of VMware config is supported and what is not -

Have a look @ this technical brief as well (its for BE 2012 but the main points cover BE 2014 as well) -

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AVVI can backup both VM's which are file servers as well as SQL database servers. Note that you need a paid version of ESX because BE requires VADP which only come with a paid version of ESX.

To backup SQL databases you would need an Agent for Applications and Databases license for each VM

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Please be aware that any distributred technologies that span across more than one VM will have some limitations aginst the GRT capability

- Sharepoint Farms located across more than one VM

- Exchange DAGS

- any form of cluster (of the File Systems or applications inside the VMs, not the datastores that hold them)


GPT formatted disks and those larger than 2TB also have limitations