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Created: 22 Jul 2012 | 5 comments


Has anyone figured out the syntax to  bulk-export/import Host files?


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If you are using the latest SP4 (for 12.5 or 12.6.7) update I don't think it matters.  There are encrypted and not usuable with other PC's.

If you are using SP3 and below you can just copy the files from the directory where they are stored.

There are other posts out there detailing this behavior.

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Thanks for taking time to respond. Perhaps I was unclear:

The awfilemgr utility allows you to de-encrypt the files for use on another PC, but I can't figure out how to do more than one at a time, if in fact this is even possible. This would be extremely cumbersome if you have a lot of indivicual files, so I'm hoping someone has discoverd syntax to allow batch de-encrypting. Otherwise, I'm stuck using SP3.


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Hello Gary,

Please have a look at HOWTO75111 article available at

Thank you!

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Thank you, Anjan,

After testing the Export feature of the GUI utility, I find that the GUI utility has two major problems:

1) It does not maintain the directory structure it finds. IOW, my Remotes direstory has multiple sub-directories. The GuI utility simply deposits all the contents of my Remotes subdirectories into one subdirectory;

2) It doesn't properly handle some of the CHF files. It errors out but gives no reasons why the conversion fails.

At this point, there is no reason for me to test the Import feature.

Editorial: In my opinion, this entire process has been inadequatly thought out, poorly planned, and poorly executed. It seems little consideration was given to how people actually use the pcAnywhere products and how people would go about updating far-flung branch offices where no one might be on site to handle the updates. At the very least there should have been a timed-update process where the "old" pcanywhere could temporarily connect to the "new" pcAnywhere allowing admins time to get to sites to do the conversions. And at minimum a workable and easy conversion process for decrypting/encryping connector files should have been provided, if not built right into the new version.


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For the folder struction I am sure you already thought about only exporting one folder at a time?   Not a good way but could be used.  You probably already thought of or did this.   

For the ones that fail if the remote items had been older versions like 10 upgraded to 11 then to 12 and son on this could be the issue  we found with the upgrades we did on a few machined the long standing installs were failing and we determined they probably had been upgraded several times already and maybe the new 12.5 sp4 verion didn't take into account properly for upgraded upgrade files.   

Mostly wanted to agree with your editorial and thumb it up.


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