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Ayuda con PGP Desktop Enterprise 10.1.2

Created: 08 Jul 2011 | 1 comment

Saludos, nesesito ayuda con el siguiente problema:

Al activar el proxy de e-mail en PGP, en Outlook y Thunderbird me sale el error de que la contraseña no está bien escrita. Al desactivarlo no tengo ningun problema. Estoy conectandome a cuentas de Gmail y Google Apps mediante IMAP.

Agradeseria que me ayudasen.

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The Babel Fish translation I'm getting:

Greetings, I need aid with the following problem: When activating proxy of email in PGP, Outlook and Thunderbird leaves the error to me which the password well is not written. When deactivating I do not have it any problem. I am conectandome to accounts of Gmail and Google Apps by means of IMAP. Agradeseria that helped me.

I'm hoping this Knowledge Base Article will help.

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