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B2D and Duplication error

Created: 29 May 2013 • Updated: 29 May 2013 | 3 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.
hi ,exec's boys and girls
  i have a question about B2D and Duplication
  i backup my exchange server (220 Go -Full and Diff) and a file server (140 Go Full and Diff) ,my backup
distination is a B2D folder (250 Go) then i duplicate to tape Library
My problem is that my diff backup dosen't succeed because full backup are duplicated
to tape and then erased by diff or the other full backup. (opp = 0 because the low size of my B2D)!!!!!!
i need the B2D for GRT but when using it ;diff backup cannot be succed ;
How do i proceed to duplicate job and a GRT restore ???
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Assuming this backup exec 2010 you should be able to get past this by Skipping over the disk backup and writting directly to tape. You would need only set the App and Opp to protect the media for as long as you need it protected.Writting to disk and then duplicating to tape is best practice but you do not have to write to disk first to be able to perform a GRT restore. 

I hope this posting was helpful


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thanks for the fast response

so if i understand you fully;

GRT restore need a B2D folder configuration but there is no need to use  this folder for backup ?

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Almost.. you dont need a B2D folder to do a restore either... you need to have the space available on the declared tmp folder to stage the database. The default location is C:\TEMP 

Below is an excerpt from the best practices document...

  • Review the requirements for staging locations in the Administrator's Guide.

    You must use a staging location for GRT-enabled jobs in the following scenarios:

    • You back up to or restore from a volume with file size limitations.

    • You restore granular items from tape.

    • You run an offhost backup job.

I hope this posting was helpful