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B2D - failed to acquire the minimum number of drives and media needed.

Created: 02 Oct 2012 | 10 comments

I am running 4 jobs that backup to local disk, 2 work fine, the othr two have this error:

The job failed with the following error: The operation failed to acquire the minimum number of drives and media needed.

How can it run out of media? there is 400gb available on disk What am I missing? The backups are very small and mainly SQL backups.

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Hope you have configured jobs to overwrite instead of appending.

Refer to

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But it has to be append as I need a weeks of backup before it starts to overwrite.

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If you want to keep data for a week than specify overwrite protection period of a week in the backup

job properties. Whenever you target a backup job to a disk its recommended to configure job to

overwrite. Also make sure you have the following settings applied.

In BE console -> click on the BE button (top left corner) -> Configuration & Settings -> Backup Exec

settings -> Storage -> Set overwrite protection level as "Partial" and Select "Overwrite recyclable 

media before overwriting scratch media"

I would also suggest you to read below article on DLM written by Anker

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Thanks Amol, I had it on partial but didn't have it on overwrite recyclable. I also found out that the one B2D job I have that works everytime as its ful set to expire in a week while the others were 2 weeks with 1 week expiration on incremental. I changed those to one week as well. I will see if it starts running now.

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Hey Scoutt,

What version of Backup Exec are you running and have all the live updates been installed?

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BackupExec 2012, Rev 1798. No updates have been done. was unaware of any that needed to be done. Considering I just downloaded the software.

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It is possible that there are some.  You can check by clicking on the BE icon in the upper left hand corner of the console, select Installation and Licensing and then Live Updates to check.  Just be aware that these need to be pushed out to the Remote Servers after they finish installing and may require a reboot especially if a service pack showed up. 

Also, something that has caused this issue is if the number of concurrent jobs setting is too low.

Go to the properties of the B2D, right click the B2D, select properties and raise the concurrent job number.

Hope this helps

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Thanks Lmossla, I checked and there are no updates.

also I had changed this just this morning, but running just one job fails instantly.

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Ok, thanks for checking.  Did you upgrade from a previous version of Backup Exec?  If so you might be experience a issue that is 'currently under investigation'.

A workaround is to recreate the failing job from a job that is currently working.

Please take a look at this document for the steps to do this.