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B2D Folders go offline Backup exec 2012 and EMC Data Domain

Created: 10 Sep 2013 | 8 comments

Here are the errors that I am seeing int the app log

The disk is offline.

This is typically caused by the folder becoming inaccessible due to it being deleted, renamed, or unshared. It may also be caused by a disk full condition. The folder state has been set to offline. Please attend to this condition. Additional detail may be found in the Event Viewer - Application Log.

-- The job failed with the following error: A communications failure has occurred.

An error occurred while processing a B2D command.
 Changer: LockAndRefreshChangerConfig() Unable to Lock Changer.cfg (\\vacodd1\backup\production\exch01\full\Changer.cfg).  Error=5

I have had the data domain looked at by EMC and it is functioning fine.  The servers that are being backed up are all windows 2008 boxes running on a VMware cluster..This has been an ongoing issue. 

Operating Systems:

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What is the EMC version?  Check this HCL and make sure it is supported :   

Do you have Backup Exec updated to the most current level?

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Backup exec is patched to the most recent as of yesterday 9/09/13 and the DD is a DD160 which is on the HCL for basic B2D

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we experience the same issue with our DD620.  OS:

backup exec 2012 fully updated.

We have to restart BE services in order to bring the backup targets online.

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You have to do that every time or your backups dont work.  This sucks..

Is there no resolution to this issue or is this just another reason for me to find a different backup software?

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Please try to access the path that you enter for the B2D from CMD on teh Media server.

If you are able to access the folder on DD, try to create a folder and File on the same location.

It normally happens that you do not have read/ write permissions on the destination, resulting into the B2D going offline when you run backups.


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Going by your observation on the Application event log you must be getting Event ID 33808.

-This issue can be resolved by trying to recreate the B2D location. By recreating you are not going to loose the data on the B2D. The data you have backed up will be untouched.

-So basically you can try to delete the B2D from the Backup Exec console.(not from the physical location - only from the BE GUI Storage Console)

-Access the B2D from the UNC path. Delete the changer.cfg and folder.cfg files and restarted BE services.

-Try to create the B2D again and then run an inventory on it. See if that helps.

-Also please check if you have read/write permissions on that particular destination. You should be able to access the B2D target from the UNC share and should be able to create/delete folders.

-If you are needing to restart the BE services everytime you want them to come online ( which basically means they are going offline after a backup / automatically ) that could mean that you are loosing connection to the B2D targets.

-May be you could check the network between the Backup Exec and the EMC data domain device and see if its good. Also try running an AppCritical between the 2 and send the results to the BE support team for analysis.

Please also have a look at this technote :



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Have you considered upgrading your DDOS to 5.2.x or even 5.4?  

Have you run the B2Dtest.exe tool to verify is there are any issues from BE to DataDomain?

There is an online portal, save yourself the long hold times. Create ticket online, then call in with ticket # in hand :-) "We backup data to restore, we don't backup data just to back it up."