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B2D2T Backup Help Needed.

Created: 12 Sep 2012 | 6 comments

HI Experts

i have a problem.  im new to backup exec so please go easy on me.

i am putting together a solution for multiple sites and want to see the best way to go with this.

i have a central server which i want to do all my backups on to disk for the differentials monday - thursday and a full to disk on the friday.

i want to duplicate that friday backup to tape after the friday disk has backed up.

i also want to reapeat that task on the last saturday of the month for my monthly backup.

i also want this process repeated at a remote site with the same backup policy as above but backing up over the links to disk in the central backup server adn then falling in with the full weekly adn monthly backups.

data is approx 20 GB from the remote site over 10 mb links.

as i say im new to this and am more than likely completly of the mark with my thinking.

appricate your thinking.

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With BE installed at the Central Site I will assume each remote server has the BE Remote Agent installed.  That being said, I'll assume you have each remote server already configured in the BE UI, at the Central Server.

For each server you wish to protect, create a multi-staged job like this:

  • Stage One: Backup - Full to run every one week on Friday & a Diff to run every 1 week M-Th, targeting the disk
  • Stage Two: Duplicate - Every 1 week on (Friday), targeting the tape drive
  • Stage Three: Duplicate - The last Saturday of every 1 month targeting, the tape drive.

When you get in to the schedule for the Duplicate staged backups, you have the choice to duplicate 'All backups', 'Most recent full backup', or 'Selected backups'.  You'll want to select the 'Selected backups' option because this will allow you to select the Full only backup in Stage One.

When you are adjusting the schedules in any stage, there is a nifty Calendar button.  Click on that and you will see how the stage is mapped out.  You can also view the entire calendar for all the stages after submitting the job to the queue.  There is a 'Backup Calendar' button on the ribbon across the top of the UI.  To use it, select the 'Backup and Restore' tab | Select a server | Select Jobs on the left side | Select a job | Click on the 'Backup Calendar' button.

Like I said earlier, the job I’ve outlined about may be used for any server you wish to protect.

Good luck.

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The discussion is tagged with BE 10.x which does not have any stages.

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Backing up over WAN links are very dicey affair.  BE is very sensitive to packet drops and your backups are more likely to fail than not.  To minimise the bandwidth requirements, you got to do optimised duplication which requires the dedup option.  The dedup option is only available from BE 2010 onwards.

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HI Guys

im impressed with the speed of the answers here.

ok i can update to the latest backup exec if need be thats not a problem adn i can get the dedup option.

i was thinking along the lines of the biker_dudes solution though i was confused as to how you target jobs.

they seem to be stored in a random file structure much as NT backup on the hard disk.

is there no way to have this formed in a library as is tapes.  ie.. Mon, Tues, Wed, Thur, Fri so as when i need to look for a day i can just go to that fiolder.

also how does dedup work.

appreciate the valuble advice here guys.

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also is there any limit to the speed over a wan link.

i have a 10 mb link and it is unused during the backup window but my speeds are still topping out at 39MB per min doing the remote backup.  on the local server side its 220-380 mb per min.

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1) You will also need a CASO licence to do optimised duplication

2) In a nutshell, the deduplication process breaks up the data into small chunks and save only the unique chunks.  This saves disk space at the expense of processing power and memory.  For a fuller explanation, either search the Web for deduplication or download the BE 2012 Admin Guide here

3) No. You cannot really separate out your backups into days, like with tapes.  You would have to get used to working with backup sets which are dated.

4) You can limit the bandwidth when you are doing optimised duplication.