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Backing up all the jobs in Backup Exec 2010 R3

Created: 03 Nov 2013 | 7 comments

Hi guys,

We use one BE2010 R3 SP3 Media Server (physical) to backup all of our servers in the company.

We have more than 50 jobs running every night, and we have more 100 jobs defined at all.

We also have around 20 media sets defind.

The jobs definition changes from time to time.

The backup server is backedup on a monthyl basis.

I would like to know what is the best practice to backup all the jobs list, the selection lists and maybe also the media sets definitions on a daily/weekly basis, in a way it would be simple enough to restore in case jobs are deleted by accident or any other dissater strikes.

Also, any other recommendationa on backing up the media server would be greatfull.


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You can try exporting them, but there is no special way to back them up specifically, other than backing up either the BE database using the SQL agent along with the Data/Catalogs folders, or backing up the Data/Catalogs folders along with bedb.bak.

bedb.bak is a file that is created at 4AM every morning automatically by BE when it backs up the BEDB. It would mean not needing the SQL agent.

You can try RahulG's advice on the link below:


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Hi Craig,

The link you sent looks promissing although it doesn't give a solution for importing the data later on, but I will give it a shot.

Regarding the bedb.bak - where is located and where is the original bedb file located?

If for some reason my job\selection list get screwed up can I just replace the current bedb file with the bedb.bak?

If so I can create a scehduled task to copy the bedb.bak file every day to another folder and thus creating a backup for each day.

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BEDB and BEDB.BAK are located in the Data directory under the BE installation directory. If you want to copy the BEDB, make sure you stop all the BE services first. You can replace the working BEDB with your copy. Again stop all the BE services first. Alternatively you can use the BEUtility to rebuild the BEDB.

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Thank you pkh,

So what data exactly is held in the BEDB? I mean, if the time comes and I'll need to use the BAK file, what data is affected in BE? Is is just the job and selection list definitions?

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The BEDB hold the job definitions, selection lists, job history and job schedule. I can't remember all of them

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As well as the complete job configuration info mentioned by PKH above the BEDB also holds the media inventory (in other words a library of the tape details including their location)

Probably easier to state what is not inside the BEDB which is really:

1) the catalogs of the backup sets themselves (in other words an index of what was backed up to where inside what piece of media (tape or disk file etc)

2) Any B2D or dedup storage locations (the actual file system of the locations, the config is in the BEDB or the Dedup DB)

3) the Dedup database (which holds the data 'chunk' records)