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Backing up and taking apart an SQL DB to back it up separate and restoring it separate pieces

Created: 23 Mar 2010 • Updated: 26 Sep 2010 | 2 comments

Hello Backup Admin's
We would like to take a SQL DB and back up pieces of it. Not as a whole DB, but in Individuals straps. I.E. The core of the DB and its parts attached to it. If I wanted to just back up a piece of info can that be done? And if so, how? I have always done it as a whole and when a restore was needed I would restore it as a whole and take out what I needed from it.
Please pass on the good news...

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MadMax949's picture

Has anyone backed up an SQL data base in pieces? and if so restored them that way? Do you know if that can be done?

Andy Welburn's picture

Don't use the SQL agent ourselves, we backup the backup as it were!

Had a quick peruse of the Admin Guide:
"A SQL Server instance cannot be backed up as a single entity. The largest granularity of a SQL Server backup is the database."

It's either not what you wanted to hear, or not what you were asking!

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