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Backing up a client through jump host.

Created: 17 Dec 2012 • Updated: 01 Jan 2013 | 7 comments
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I would like to get some suggestion about backing up the client which can be reached only through bastion host. The netbackup server has to login to bastion host to reach the client.

Our environment

Netbackup version

Server OS - Redhat 6.2

Client OS - centos 6.2

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What is the client OS?

What is this 'bastion' host? What type of OS?  Perhaps if it's compatibile you could install Netbackup media server software onto it to backup this client?

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Client OS - CentOS  5.5

Bastion host is just like a jump host which is to restrict the network.

Bastion host OS - CentOS 6.2

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NetBackup can't jump from one macine to backup another.

3 options

Install NBU on the client and allow a media server access.

Turn the client into a media server and let it backup itself (master will still need access)

NFS mount the filesystems /drives onto the bastion host and back them up from there.


Regards,  Martin
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try this...

1) Mount  the  Client filesystems to Bastion host

2)configure the backups for Bastion host

3)select Follow NFS  option in Policy Attributes of Bastion host

4)test the backups. 

(backup might be slow because NFS mounts needs to travell the data over the LAN)

hope this helps. 

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Another option: enable IP forwarding on your 'bastion' host, and configure static routing on both servers and clients so that they can communicate with each other through 'bastion' host. Ensure that you should configure firewall on 'bastion' host so that undesirable access from other host is prohibitted.

But this requires high technical skills on Linux. It is better to ask OS team to configure routing and firewall.

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Thank you all. I will try out the options and update it.

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Sounds like installing NBU client on the client and NBU Media serve on this 'bastion' host would be the way to go.