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Backing up CSV Hyper V Cluster GRT

Created: 24 May 2013

Hey all we are installing 2013 and I have a few questions.

We have syamntec 2013 installed on a dedicated backup PC seperate from the hyper V hosts.

We have 2 hyper V hosts that share a CSV on a SAN. They do live migration and such.

We installed BE 2013 on the dedicated PC along with virtualization agent.

We installed the RAWS on the 2 hyper V hosts and all the VMs under those hosts. We want to be able to do file level restore.

Question 1: When I select the hypercluster node to setup a backup do I uncheck "c:\clusterstorage" and just select the VMs from the "Virtual HA" part?

We also need to uncheck "virtual machines" when we backup the hosts themself right? Like I want to backup host 1 and host 2 I would just select C: and system state.

On a side note I noticed that when selecting multiple servers to do one job it takes away my ability to select stuff. It just selects to backup the whole server. Do I really need to make 100 seperate backup jobs to get granular with backups???

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