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Backing up drives of a Windows 2012 server by mapping it on Windows 2k8

Created: 15 Jan 2014 • Updated: 20 Feb 2014 | 7 comments
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Hi Folks,

Is it possible to take backup of Windows 2012 server in NB 7.1 , by mapping it onto a Windows 2008 client?



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You might want to consider installing on the server 2012 as a client. This would allow you to back up that that server directly. Refer to TECH181132 for the install notes.

But yes, you should be able to mount that share and back it up, as long as NetBackup can see it.

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NBU and 7.6 has Windows 2012 support. Netbackup does not have Windows 2012 support.

Please refer to the NetBackup 7.x Operating System Compatibility List 

Assumption is the mother of all mess ups.

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chack22's picture for Windows 2012 was a full install specifically dropped to support Windows 2012. I believe the only way to get it was to signup through symbeta.

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I tried by mapping it onto the 2008 client but it failed with 71 error.

I read a series of links but got puzzled with this :

On win_client, change the NetBackup Client Service to Start Up or Log On with the same account as the user that performs the backup. 

This user account must have read permissions for the share that is to be backed up. The account must have write permission to perform restores

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Does this T/N help (step A to B) ?

How to back up CIFS shares on Windows with NetBackup

Example of using UNC paths to back up a shared folder on Windows

Need to backup a CIFS share

Assumption is the mother of all mess ups.

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I have read the T/N :

However, I am not sure how to link the service account.

Can anyone help me out with that.

Also, the 2012 server is a part of workgroup.

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 I am not sure how to link the service account.

Please speak to your Windows Admin.

Also have another look at step 4 of HOWTO34483 and do the following:

Add a User type schedule to policy for W2008 server/client with open window for next hour or so.

Log onto the W2008 server/client as a user with access to UNC path.

Open the BAR GUI.

See if you can browse files on the Share as per steps in this section of the doc.

Select a folder or some files and start the backup.

If this works, open Services on the W2008 server and find the NetBackup Client Service.
Change the logon account to the same account that you are logged on as.

**** NB ****

You can save yourself all this trouble by logging a call with Symantec Support and ask for the installation binaries for W2012.

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