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Backing up during working hours - possible issues?

Created: 30 Jan 2013 • Updated: 14 Mar 2013 | 1 comment
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Hi all,

We currently have Veeam backing up our virtual servers and than BE2012 backing up the Veeam .VBK & .VRB files to tape so that we can store them off-site.

I am getting a lot of trouble with the BE2012/tape backups though, I think mainly caused by Veeam and BE2012 trying to backup at the same time overnight.

I wondered if I could perhaps run my tape backups during working hours to avoid this problem but I am concerned about the knock-on effects this might have (bandwidth issues etc).  

In the past when I have worked in establishments that backup directly to tape, if (for example) the file server backup overran into working hours you would notice the file server running particularly slowly until the backup completed.

As I am looking to backup content held on a veaambackup server, it doesnt matter if that particular server (VM) performed slowly during the backup process, but obviosuly I dont want other servers to run slowly or network traffic to increase to level which cause a negative effect.

Any advice/best practices?

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How abouth add a second network card to your Veeam server(s) and to your Backup Exec media server and configure a backup network - then all of the traffic that might affect network performance can be on a segregated network - might not be possible if there are WAN links or seperate physical locations involved for where the servers are located and you might need a separate network switch if more then 2 servers need to use the backup network (a cross-over cable can be used if just 2 servers)