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Backing up Enterprise Vault

Created: 09 Nov 2012 | 2 comments

I'm having trouble figuring out how to backup EV correctly.  Here's my situation:

I've got an Enterprise Vault server, a Discovery Accelerator server, and a SQL server.  They're all virtual.  The SQL server contains a few databases that are for other applications as well.  I have the SQL agent, EV agent, and AVVI agents for Backup Exec and am running BE 2012 fully patched.

With the EV agent I get 2 "servers" in the list, the Directory and the Discovery Accelerator.  Both backup resources on the SQL server.  The SQL server has it's own backup jobs (using AVVI with GRT).  Where things really get messy is for VMware I do weekly fulls and daily differential backups.  But the EV agents seem to want Fulls and Incrementals being run to clean transaction logs.  Everything seems to be bumping into eachother and I'm getting all sorts of warnings and failures having to do with the databases and who did the full backup.

I'm not sure how to simplyfy this.  Others must be facing this I would think.  Any suggestions?

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Understanding your above issue ,I would request you to backup EV using EV agent and would not backup SQL VM using AVVI agent as that would quiense bevss agent to backup SQL and will give issue with transaction log backup please check link below

Hope that helps


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