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Backing up a full vault store partation in EV8.sp3

Created: 20 May 2010 • Updated: 22 Jun 2010 | 5 comments
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we use CommVault to backup EV and last week one of mailbox vault stores on the EV server filled up and rolled over to the new store.
with the backup CommVault sets EV in read only backups incremental Monday to Thursday and full on Friday.

the full store is now backed up do I still need to backup in the full backup once a week or can it be removed from that now
Say i have it scheduled to backup once a month instead.
Can it be backed up at a different time than my normal incremental and full backup or does it need to be all backup at the same time so it can be resorted due to the database does EV have to set to read-only mode while this backup takes place

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JesusWept3's picture

the need for full backups should be less, but they should still be backed up regardless due to data changes such as expiry

LouisD's picture

can i just backup the full store or do i need to backup everything at the same time

JesusWept3's picture

well the data really shouldn't change all that much, however if you use a mix of user deletes, storage expiry, and Collections, you would be unwise to change the backup schedule, because of sparse collections, what CAB files may contain DVS's one week, may be deleted and other cab files recreated the next.

however if you don't do collections, the worst case scenario from a closed partition is is that you restore data that should have been deleted or expired.

Scott Riser's picture

You can backup individual partitions and exclude closed partitions after getting a full backup on them; this is the scheme we utilize and, at least for the time being, we also use Commvault for our backups (until we can get Backup Exec in place on new hardware).
To reinforce what JesusWept2 said, the only data changes that will happen to the closed partitions now are Storage Expiry, Collections (if enabled) and User deletes, if allowed. I would say that the need to perform Full backups of all Vault Store Partitions can be reduced down to once a month and the daily backup focus be on only the Open Partitions, depending upon any compliancy requirements you have to meet which must be taken into account.

LouisD's picture

Thanks lads for the help justed want to run it by someone else before we made the change.
We are going to backup the full partiation every month out side teh standard backup window
this should be ok as we dont use storage Expiry or let users delete so should be ok