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Backing up more than one server per job with BE 2012

Created: 12 Jul 2012 • Updated: 25 Oct 2012 | 29 comments
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User Jimmy Mac told us that there is no easy, intuitive method for backing up more than one server per job even with grouping.  We are bringing back the ability to backup multiple servers in a single job in the next release.  This will allow you to define the order of the servers to be backed up and you can customize the selections for each server.

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Bulbous, it will be in the immediate next release of BE, regardless of version.

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The next release of 2012 is not desirable.

2012 should be scrapped altogether.  No mother wants to hear his baby is uggly, but no cosmetic will fix missing members and organs.  It is lauchable to see that SEP files are still "unbackable" and shows errors.  That and other bugs that we've been playing for years now. BU engine service  is still freezing on a daily basis and we still have to run a daily script to restart all services. After a fresh install of BUExec 2012, I found that recovering a library is still unreliable and still don't work.  I wasted 2 days to manualy inventory my tapes. My 6 terabtes tapes that always been more then sufficient hits its limit.  2 month ago, I had two month history, now its 3 weeks. Jobs are failing at such a pace that the disk banks gets filled in a mater of few days.

We need to return to 2010 R3 and restart from there.

Symantec internal politic is the only thing that can keep that disaster alive.  I do not know how many law suit it will be required to bring back common sense to the management there.

I have bought and installed Veam onto another server - too smal unfortunately - but recovery rate is almost 100%.  Few workable glitch let's say. Compare to near 0% with 2012.  I am not kidding.  It is almost impossible to recover a backup with BE2012.

2010 recovery rate was around 65%

I have returned to 2010 to BU my DCs. ... And some remote Snapshots done with Veam.

Paul Jr

GFK's picture ... if you are interested in all things BE I occassionally write BE stuff on The BE Line blog that could help.

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I am pleased to see that there is progress on this but we do need a date for "next release" as we need to plan if we need to replace Backup Exec with another application or wait. What is the expected ETA for this next release?


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BobsBarlo, as a public company we are restricted from making specific date commitments.

But if you will like to participate in the beta program, please see the post at https://www Or if you'd like to participate in individual usability studies, please send an email to

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Bottom line: Backup Exec is no longer a viable Enterprise product if you use tape.

I have been trying for 2 weeks to get the multiple issues resolved and now I am down to the multi server to 1 tape backup debacle. Tech support is a nightmare and barely more knowledgeable about the product than I am. I have had to deal with multiple tickets for multiple techs to handle my 1 overall problem: the "Upgrade" failed.

Backup Exec 2012 is NOT a reasonably functional product if you have more than 1 server and use tape.

I will be returning to Backup Exec 2010R3 and then start my hunt for a viable enterprise solution that supports tape.

Note to Symantec: I have been a Backup Exec user for over 15 years dating back to the Veritos days. I have been through many upgrade cycles and NOTHING has ever been such an abomination as this. This product simply is not viable in a multi server environment that uses tape. The manger of any usability studies ( if there even were any) should be fired.

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Durring the week of August 20th, I am looking for user feedback regarding multi-server backup jobs in an upcoming release of Backup Exec.

If you are interested, please check out the schedule of sessions I have available.

These sessions take one hour of your time and you can participate from the comfort of your home or office. You will be logging into a WebEx session using our test machines to view the new multi-server features.

If you have any questions, please feel free to DM me.


Elizabeth Teffner

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Is there any progress in this, or have you just drop the ball and the your users like with the current release?

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Mhystique - Yes, there is progress, but from your point of view, not fast enough.  Last week I had 16 folks take me up on the offer to review and give me feedback on the new multi-server backup workflow.

Of course everyone of them asked, "When will this be available?"  This new (or should I say old) functionality will be in the next release of BE. I don't have exact dates right now, and because we are a publicly traded company, I couldn't release those if I wanted to.

If you want to get this early, please sign up for the Beta program, this will be in the beta release.

Best regards... Elizabeth

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Unfortunalty the multi-server usability testing was all last week. I have to cut things off so I can take the results and get the changes needed back to our developers to work on.

I will have other opportunities for other usability sessions in the future. 

Regards... Elizabeth

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I was finally able to get all the issues resolved. It took 5 weeks, MANY complaints and 2 more techs. I am still going to look for a replacement product as the support nightmare still make this product non viable for an enterprise with tape.

Even though the product can be gotten to work, the EXTREMELY bad customer service makes it impossible to rely on Symantec for such a critical operation, If you value your job, stay away from this company until they can get their act together. Shame, they used to be the gold standard....

I am at a complete loss as to why I was treated so horribly.

Another note to Symantec: When your policies and procedure become more important than the customer, you are going to have a wonderful set of procedures with very few customers to apply them to.

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I do apologize for your experience and would like to speak with you more about the policies and procedure that you mentioned.  If you are up to it and would like to have a candid conversation about the product I would greatly appreciate it.


Billy Cashwell - Product Manager, BE


Billy Cashwell

Sr. Product Manager, Backup Exec

Information Management Group

Symantec Corporation

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Has there been any updates on this? The job failures for handling multiple servers is causing a great deal of issues. There is no rhyme or reason for the failures.

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I'm a little confused what "the next release" is. Does this mean the next version of Backup Exec, i.e. BE 2013? Or does it mean 2012 R2 (or whatever it may be called).

I am unsure as to whether this is upcoming in a new product, or a revision of 2012. Can you clarify?

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Do we know the hardware/OS requirenments for the "new release" , or would I have to buy new stuff to solve my issues????????

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Spoke to a Symantec Rep today and was told October 26th...   He could have just been talking out his rear though.   We shall see.

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How would you guys feel if this functionality was never brought to BE 2012, but instead came out next year in BE 2013?

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2013 is not a good solution. I have had to align the stars and cross the T's to get this to work 'kinda' like I want it to in a multi-server environment. I have a work around but it is still 4 jobs and 4 notifications.

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I am happy for it never to come out in BE 2012 and to be part of BE 2013 but I am not happy about having to wait for 2013 for the release.

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So the string between Elizabeth and Mhystique clearly displays the disfunction that summarizes the release of BE 2012.  On August 28th, Elizabeth posted "...If you want to get this early, please sign up for the Beta program, this will be in the beta release....", and later the same day, the user she was addressing (Mhystique) responded with "And how do I sign up for that?".  To the amazement of I'm sure all that cared to read the thread, the response from Elizabeth on that same day was "Mhystique,

Unfortunalty the multi-server usability testing was all last week. I have to cut things off so I can take the results and get the changes needed back to our developers to work on.

I will have other opportunities for other usability sessions in the future. 

Regards... Elizabeth".

Did I miss something here?  How do you suggest to a user to join a beta group, then the same day tell them it's too late because you need to get the 'results' back to developers.  Too bad those 'results' don't include the input from the person that was encouraged to sign up for the beta group to provide feedback.  

What we are all, as IT Professionals, coming to grips with is that Symantec (or any other Software company) can and will develop what they choose, when they choose it, and will likely do so in a vaccuum.

Despite its perceived size as a company, Symantec is clearly operating as a small company and resting its laurels on a pre-selected 'focus' group as its beta testers.  Despite the massive amount of users of the software, the focus/beta group was clearly small.  Also, based on other posts in the forums where many have claimed to be part of the beta test group, and have claimed to express their disconcern with the layout, interface, functionality and 'feature' omissions/exclusions, it's clear that the feedback from the beta testers was more to report "this button doesn't work" or other 'bugs' identified, rather than actual problems with continuity of the software from its prior version or requesting functionality changes. 

Symantec and their product developement teams had a plan to produce a specific product interface, and they certainly did so.  Much like the SEP product which was released without much of any prior notification as to its 180° departure from SAV, only to greet the Administrator with a clunky, heavy, un-intuitive, convoluted, and unneccesarrily complex interface, is recipe for failure.  Shame on Symantec for repeating their own prior mistakes.  This is what happens when management dictates changes to a product without a clear understanding of the importance of the existing product and its features to its core demographic.

As with my migration from SAV to a brief stint with SEP (with the hopes that my administrators and support staff would familiarize themselves with the product; to no avail), followed by a jump to a non-Symantec product, I fear that this is the roadmap for BE within my environment as well.  Saddening really, because I've been using BE in various environments since the late '90's when it was owned by Veritas.

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Mark_D - I'm sorry if I wasn't clear.  The Beta program and usability sessions are two different animals. 

I run usability sessions to get feedback on UI design or workflow. Generally what I'm testing with is a development build (which tend to be unstable) or wireframe mockups.  I do have to run these for short periods of time - generally a week so I can get the results fed back to the developers for any changes.

The Beta program is further out in the cycle, when we have a build which is stable and reliable. The Beta program, participants download the software and take it for a spin.  Usability sessions are done on my servers, so when they crash, I can easily snap them back.

Hope this clears things up.  If not, feel free to DM me.

Also, (shameless plug...) I'm currently running usability sessions on our virtualization features this week.  If you are interested, please check out the times I have available.


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Cool, thank you for clarifying Elizabeth.  So now that we have the renewed attention of someone at Symantec, can we get an update on when we can expect the long awaited update to bring back the job-centric option we all long to get back?  (I know we can't get an exact date, but some estimation would be greatly appreciated.  I already have my team testing alternative products and will subsequently roll out the new product to production if we can't get more clarity on when we can regain the functionality we had before this up(read:down)grade.

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The announcement of release dates and product plan will be communicated via SymConnect and the main BE twitter account @backupexec very soon.  I can put you in touch with one of our product managers as well who can discuss this with you if you like; DM me your contact information.

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So by the way. Given the fact that the 2012 release has been completely usless to may of us here on this forum and has made our backup lives complicated to say the least. Can we expect to get some sort of a "discount" on next years software maintenance renewal?!?! enlightened

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Like many,  we are also starting to consider moving to different software.  It's just not working properly in its current state.  

This update is really taking too long to be released.   Too bad Symantec didn't have a hotfix/patch available for those with this problem instead of making every one wait over 3 months for a major release with probably many bug fixes and changes. 

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Greetings to greetings, BobsBarlo and the rest of this crew.

Here's what I can share with you at the moment.

1. We've experienced 90 days of intense change since our new CEO started. Results are already reflected in yesterday's quarterly earnings announcement. This is no longer the same company, in very good ways for employees, channel partners and customers.

2. You users of Backup Exec remain an urgent asset for the company and we have circled the wagons to address our core processes to serve you better. We've re-committed to building Backup Exec on three pillars: platform support, customer delight and seamless migration.

3. We are about 60 days from sharing more on this updated plan with the entire community. Follow us on Twitter @backupexecdrew or @backupexec as well the blogs here in the community to keep up to date.

4. In the meantime, we've brought dedicated support escalation engineers across the Internet that are anxious to help you with BE2012. Reach out to @donaldeady, @lmosla, @js3012 or PM me directly.

That's where we are, thanks in advance for your patience.


Director of Marketing, NetBackup