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Backing up multiple servers using one tape drive

Created: 21 May 2013 | 2 comments

Recently upgraded to 2012 from 12.5. I have 4 servers backing up to an LTO3 tape drive. Approximately 250G data, which took around 7 hours using 12.5 and doing full backups each night.  

I am using the TECH189306 article about setting up mutiple servers to back up to one drive. I have one question; I have set the append time to 12 hours for the backup set, what should the overwrite protection be set at? It's set to 1 hour now. 


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You should set the over write protection period so that it protects the data for the amount of time that it needs to be retained. If your wanting the data to be protected for 3 days then it needs to be protected for that long to prevent accidentally being overwritten. How long do you want to protect the backup set?

I hope this posting was helpful


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Thanks for responding. I am using four daily tapes, Monday thru Thursday and a 1st thru 4th Firday tape. The tapse get rotated in each day so 6 days would be fine. Overwrite protection wasn't an issue in 12.5 because all the servers were being backed up with one job. There were occasions when the tapes didn't get changed from a long weekend, that didn't cause any problems.

I will set overwrite protection to 6 days just to be on the safe side.