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Backing up a remote Win7 PC

Created: 28 Jun 2013 • Updated: 28 Jun 2013 | 8 comments

I have Backup Exec 2010 with a Desktop and Laptop Remote Agent license. I'm trying to backup a Windows 7 Pro PC and it keeps telling me I need a license for the agent to back this up. This server did have a previous version of Backup Exec a few months ago. I believe it was 9.6. That version was removed and 2010 loaded. The 2010 worked fine up until a few days ago when I added the agent license and added my Win 7 destination to be backed up.

Any ideas why it keeps asking for a license

I loaded the agent on the server and went through the wizard to add my workstation. Everything went smooth. I went into the nightly job and added my workstation. No errors. It only errors out with the licensing error when it tries to back it up. Weird that it will push out the agent and let me select data off of the PC to backup without any issues

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Ok, Windows 7 is compatible with Backup Exec 2010.

However, I got a little confused at the beginning of your problem description indecision

How are you trying to backup the Windows 7 machine? is it using:

a. Backup Exec Remote Agent for Windows


b. Desktop and Laptop Option

Both of those methods require their respective agents to be installed on the client machine.

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The desktop and laptop option is installed on the Windows 7 workstation. The problem I am having is that when the job tries to backup that workstation it says I have to purchase a license to do it. I have already purchased the license and have it installed on the server and it shows it is licenses.

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If you have the DLO agent on that machine, then the user files would be automatically replicated to the DLO server when the machine is connected to the network.  However, you cannot use BE to backup that machine.  If you do, then you require a RAWS licence to do so.

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From what I have read it looked like I had to purchase a desktop and laptop remote agent to back it up. That is what I have purchased and installed

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Are you using the standard Backup Exec console to start your backup jobs or the specific console for the Desktop and laptop option (just concerned that you might have a mismatch of licenses versus exactly where you are configuring the job, which would means you the teh correct license but the wrong job configuration for the license)

Just to clarify Backup Exec Media server runs job to backup remote systems

DLO supplies a profile of how and where to backup to the client software installed on the remote system, however it is the client that runs the backup

The difference between the two methods might help you identify which job you are trying to run.

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I am using the standard Backup Exec console. I have it set up to backup the server which it is on and 1 Windows XP PC currently. This has been working fine for months. I have added a new Windows 7 workstation on the network and need to backup a folder everynight on it. I'm not sure how it is backing up the XP PC fine but not the Windows 7. I purchased the laptop desktop agent and pushed it to the Win 7 PC but it still gives me a licensing error.

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You do not need a RAWS licence to backup a WinXP or earlier machine.  From Vista onwards, including Win7, you need to have a RAWS licence to backup the machine using BE.

Based on what you have described, it looks like what I have suspected in the first place.  That is, you have a DLO licence and wants to back up the machine using DLO, but you are using BE to do the backup, thus causing the licence problem.

Post a screenshot of what you have setup to backup the Win7 machine.