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Backing up of a SQL server is failing with error : V-79-40960-37914

Created: 26 Feb 2013 | 10 comments

hi guys,

got the error  V-79-40960-37914

refered to

Recovery Model is set to "Full" and i have a full + incremental "log' backup configured but the error still coming!

please help

thank you !

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you shouldnt be seeing that error if you have set the incremental "Log" backup as a stage for the SQL full backup. Would you be able to post the job log and possibly a screen shot of the job/stages.. edit screen

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Although you have configured the log backup, has the log backup job been done?

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You can attach the image as a file attachment.

Even though you have configured the job, did you run the job yet?  If the log backup is not run, then you will continue to get the error message.

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Lilee you can either attach as an image or as a file attachment... please view below

File attachment.JPG

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Hi Donald, thank you now it's should work with attaching the screenshot :)

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       How often is the Incremental job scheduled to run ??

Edit: What is the backup schedule ?? Full/Incremental"LOG"/Differential

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Hi Donald,

full backup is running every 2 weeks on (Saturday) at 6:00

Incremental at 06:00, then every 1 day

differential at 7:00, then every 1 day