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Backing up using external hard drive

Created: 27 Jan 2005 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 1 comment

I've been having nothing but intermittent problems trying to backup to a Maxtor 250GB external USB 2.0 hard drive. I'm using a Dell PowerEdge 2600 server and I installed a USB 2.0 card in a PCI slot.

The hard drive is recognized just fine by MS SBS 2003 operating system. I can read/write files just fine to the drive.

My first question is should I be using a Backup-to-DIsk folder or a Removable Backup-to-Disk folder?

I've tried both. I setup a backup job for a full backup to the correct backup-to-disk folder device last night and ran it manually. It backed up about 40 GB in a little more than an hour. Then, the regularly scheduled job ran at 11pm last night and did an append job. It got to 18% of the verify operation and 'got stuck'. I had to turn off the power to the external HD because nothing else on the server responded. I couldn't even use the Start menu until I turned off the HD. I also tried cancelling the job, and it got stuck at Cancel Pending. This appeared in the log:

Storage device "Nightly Backup" reported an error on a request to read data from media. Error reported: The system cannot find the file specified. The media operation was terminated by the user..

Now, I'm assuming this appeared in the log because we shut off the drive, which is fine.

However, when we came in this morning before all this happened, and looked at backup exec, we had to click OK on 12 separate 'overwriting media' messages, except that the job was set to append, and the job log shows from the beginning:

Media operation - append.
Software compression enabled.

I've already read the article describing how to create backup to disk folders and removable backup-to-disk folders, so please don't just send me these links. Please verify that I am using the correct settings and let me know how I can most efficiently troubleshoot this issue.

Thank you.


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Backupexec 8.6 and 9.x does not support "USB INTERFACED" Tape drives,backupexec only supports "SCSI" and "IDE" interfaced tape drives .

Related Information:
Backupexec 9.x DOES have support for :
FIREWIRE and USB Harddrives as long as they appear as a Drive letter under windows explorer.

Additional Information:
VERITAS Backup Exec 9.x for Windows Servers adds a new feature called "Removable Backup to Disk Folder." This folder supports directing backup jobs to the following removable media:
1) CD-R
2) CD-RW
3) Digital video disc - recordable (DVD-R) 4). Digital video disc - rewritable (DVD-RW) 5). ZIP 6. JAZZ 7). Removable Hard Disk ( REV drives fall under this category).
NOTE: As long as you can see these drives as a Drive letter in the Windows explorer there should not any problem creating B2D or Removable B2D.(Backup-to-disk Folder) You may check the HCL list for its compatibility

In order to configure a removable backup to disk folder refer to the following technote:

In regards to the error message that you get, kindly refer the following information.

Title:- The error "Storage device 'BackupF:1' reported an error on a request to read data from media." is reported within the VERITAS Backup Exec (tm) failed job log file.

We hope this helps. Let us know if the problem still exists and revert back with the error message.