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Backing up vm's through SAN

Created: 26 Sep 2013 | 9 comments

Hi guys,

This is my 3rd question in 10 days. Hoping I can get some more help. I am still evaluating backup Exec 2012 and for the life of me cannot get the vm's backed up through the vcenter using the SAN transport mode. I can back them up through the esx directly (using SAN transport mode) and get an average rate of around 8GB/minute. When I back up through the vcenter, I am only getting rate sof 500MB/minute and all the traffic is flowing through the NIC. NBD option seems to be working fine.

Since the vm's are going through the SAN when backing up the ESX, I know the media server can see the LUN's. I went through a lot of articles and everything seems to be in place - vcenter/esx licenses, account used to backup have admin privileges.

Hope someone can point me in the right direction.



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In the job properties under Metwork and security haveyou selected the correct network ?


CraigV's picture the OP's question (including his topic!!) carefully...he wants to use SAN Transport Mode to backup VMs. It goes across the SAN (ie. fibre channel) and not the LAN, hence your question is misdirected.


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Have the credentials in use got all the correct permissions

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Yes. The account I am using is a local admin on the vcenter and before I ran the backup job, I did a test run to check the credentials and it was ok.


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Not just local admin of vcenter I meant all the roles/persmissions that need to be applied to the local admin accont of the vcenter but inside of ESX itself (permissions managed in the vSphere Client)

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Yes, the account has full access on all the roles/permissions.

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John: Have you checked out the TN below?


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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Yes, all those requirements have been met. Since when I backup the vm's through the esx the SAN transport mode is working, all the LUN's are visible on the backup server.

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If you backup direct from the ESX host then the account being used will be the root account and not a passthrough from the Windows Account on the vCenter as such you indicating that because it works direct from ESX I must have the correct credentials is potnetially invalid.

I am aorry if I am laboring this point a bit but currentklye ach of yoru answers says you have the correct persmissions but then linsk it to an invbaldi statemnet just afterwards so I am just trying to make sure you are checking the correct rights assigmnents in the correct way. To ollustrate thsi I have attached an image from my vCenter server

VC-TEST is my VCenter (which as it happens is not part of a domain but is setup as a workgroup)

Adam is a local user on the Windows Users and Groups list of the vCenter server

Adam has both local admin rights in Windows (not shown in image) and the Administrator Role in ESX itself (shown in the image)

Oh and yes my setup does use a SAN configuiration (in my case iSCSI) and does work.

I can't easily check this however if you are using a VCenter Appliance which runs a form of Linux then I would assume that whatever local Linux account (possibly root) would need the same sort of role passthrough configured as the root account of the ESX host would be a different acount from that used inside the vCenter