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BACKUP 2010 R3: AVVI backups slow

Created: 27 May 2013 | 6 comments


Recently we powered off our vmware environment (vSphere 5.x) as we needed to expand the capacity of our SAN. After we started our vmware environment again, we noticed that all AVVI backups to disk are very slow (job rates around 440 MB per minute which used to be around 1.4 GB). Changing the backup destination to tape does not change anything.

I checked the job history of several backups (before and after the SAN change) but they all used the same transport mode (NBD). When we use RAWS instead of AVVI the job rate is around 1.4 GB per minute.

Except for the SAN changes no other changes (VMware, BE2010 R3, etc.) have been made. Anybody seen this behaviour before and knows how to solve this issue?

Any help will be appreciated.


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What is your exact BE version ?
If it up to date ?

Are there any snapshots left on the VMs ?

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I have seen this article before, but it requires additional configuration. Initially that is not what we want.

Before we the restart our VMware environment the NBD transport mode just worked fine. After we restarted our VMware environment job rates from AVVI backups drops significantly. Except for expanding the SAN, we made no changes.

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Our exact version is 13.0 rev. 5204 (64-bit) with all the latest updates installed.

There are no snapshots left on the VMs.

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JaapB: vSphere 5.0 or vSphere 5.1? If vSphere 5.1 then this isn't supported, although a Beta starts up shortly for this...check below:


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