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Backup and recover internal computers:

Created: 16 Jan 2013 • Updated: 17 Jan 2013 | 8 comments
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I have a topology where a backup Exec solution can access the main computer, however to each computer attach on the LAN several more computers.

Can Backup Exec use Proxy or Agent to Backup and recover the computers on the Internal Network?

What Symantec solution will best be suited, Symantec Backup Exec? Or is there another platform?

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What do you mean by internal computer? Something like a machine with Desktop OS?

Any server that can be accessed from Backup Exec Server can be backedup & Restored with the help of remote agent installed on it.

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If desktops, consider DLO 7 which backs up user data. No real sense in backing up the full workstation unless you really have to.

Check below:

If it is servers, then things become a bit more complex. To backup workstations like domain controllers, file and print servers etc, you need the Remote Agent for Windows Servers. This is installed on a remote computer, on a per-server license.

If you want to backup application servers like Exchange, SQL etc, then you need that particular agent license to unlock the ability to backup that application. However, an agent license like this doesn't need a RAWS agent.

You don't mention the version of BE you are using, so here are licensing details on BE 2010 R3 and BE 2012:


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Hi Craig , Kiran

The purpose is to backup disks as whole, including partition OS and Data.

My main problem is not the OS type, which I’m sure Backup Exec can handle, but could the server connect to Subnet behind the servers directly connected to it (Please see my attached picture).

For example: Backup Exec is located on server that has address of, servers that are connected directly to it also have the same subnet:, however to each server there are 5-40 computers with subnet – can the Backup Exec backup and restore those computers (by proxy or an agent that sits on the Servers directly connected to the Backup Exec Server?

Sorry if I was not clear about this.

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It's clear now. And yes, as long as DNS can resolve those names, and there are RAWS agents on each server/computer in the subnet, there is no reason for the media server NOT to back them up.

I always added my servers in via IP address, which was 1 way to ensure that I never experienced any DNS issues.

But...if you want to install 1 RAWS agent on a server in the range and expect the media server to backup any workstations in the range WITHOUT a RAWS agent on these server, then there is no way it will work. You need the RAWS agent on any server that you want to backup, both for communications purposes, and for licensing purposes.


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Hi Craig,

Thanks for your prompt reply,

Excuse my lack of knowledge, what is the RAW agent - is it the agent of the Backup Exec?

I don’t mind the Agent at this point, however, in this topology, there is no domain or DNS, just direct connectivity (TCP/IP) between Main Server and clients on the network (10.10.1.XXX).

The only connectivity is between each Main Server and the hosting Symantec platform – so finally computer on LAN 10.10.1.XXX do not see Symantec Backup Exec Server – only the Main computer see both subnets.

The Main server can work as a Proxy for the Symantec server to the Clients, if this is an option.

Thanks again for your time !

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BE can only backup what it can see.  If those "internal" machines can ping the media server and vice-versa, they can be backed up.  Otherwise, they cannot be backed up.

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RAWS = Remote Agent for Windows Servers which facilitates comms between the remote server (which has RAWS installed) and the media server.

I have yet to come across something like a proxy for Backup Exec...I know nothing like this exists.

Your other option is to load a full version of Backup Exec on each of these centralised servers, with RAWS agents on each of the servers that hang off it. YOu need any agent licenses too. You need something to backup too, so disk or tape. Disk would be good in that it would allow you to duplicate that information to a central location with a CASO server (Central Administration Server Option).

With a couple of media servers in the mix, management is going to become a nightmare, hence the CASO server. It can control the media servers if need be. You could set up a duplicate job from the MMS servers (managed media servers) from disk to a disk on the CASO, and once there, schedule backups to tape if you so desire.

This is going to be expensive, but with no comms to the cascaded servers from the media server, might be the only way around it.


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Thanks so much for your time and effort Craig, I guess now I know where I stand.

I don't see how this could be implemented in our platform, at this moment