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Backup and Restore of BEDB.bak and catalog folder from tape incase of server crush

Created: 14 Feb 2013 | 7 comments

Good day,

I am currently using backup exec 2012 and would like to know if it's possible to backup and restore from tape the files that are required for restore in case of server crush i.e BEDB.bak, Data and Catalogue.

The reason why I would like to do this is because although my media server is booting from SAN, am concerned that if it crushes I will not have any backup of the mentioned items.

Kind regards

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Sure.  Make sure that the files/folders are selected in your backup.

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Also set your bedb maintenance (default 4:00am) to run when no other jobs are running and then set the backup job to backup your catalogs, bedb.bak, data fodler etc to tun 5-10minutes after the bedb maintenance as then you will have the closest consistency between catalogs and bedb(inventory) data if it ever came to a restore.

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...very simple to restore...iopen up BEutility.exe and right-click the server before choosing the option to Drop Database and Reload from Backup...


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Thanks guys for the quick response. I wanted to be sure before doing it. Since I have not seen anyone commenting on backing these files to tape. They would rather transfer them to file server.

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...either-or. If you have tape in your backup regime, just select the Data/Catalogs folders...

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The only real problem with backing them up on tape is that to restore them you won't have a populated database or set of catalogs, so you will need to know (outside of Backup Exec) which tape they are on and then do an inventory and catalog job before they can be restored.

Obviously we do recommend you do back them up to something external to the media server you just have to be aware of how to recover.

Basic steps

1) Know which tape you need to restore and insert it in drive/library

2) Inventory and Catalog the tape

3) Restore the data and catalogs folder content

4) Use beutility to recover the database from backup (this should also restart teh BE services so re-initialize the restored catalogs.)

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If the media server does crash, the entire media server needs to be recovered, so a full system system restore would be required.  This is where SDR comes in handy.  Since tape is used, the .dr file needed for SDR needs to be kept safe from a server crash and used during the SDR restore.

By restoring the entire media server, the Catalog and Data directories are automatically restored.