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Backup and Restore to a different Server

Created: 24 Aug 2009 • Updated: 22 May 2010 | 3 comments


We are using Netbackup 6.5

The backup of oracle database was taken on Server A. We are trying to restore the oracle data files to Server B.

Server A and Server B have the same set of Media Servers in the bp.conf file.

However netbackup complains that the files are not available on the tape when trying to perform the restore from Server B.

A line from the Restore log:  "BR0386E File '/oracle/AD2/sapdata2/btabd_13/btabd.data13' reported as not found by backup utility"

We were able to restore the files to Server A from the backup tape.

Any idea why this might be happening on Server B. Please advise.


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What nature of backup did you take.. Online or offline..

Ideally the restore is a normal file system restore hence there shouldn't be any complications...

I would advice you to check if the backup copy was clean or did it have errors as well..

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There are a few thing you need to check :

1: alternate restore permission, go to /usr/openv/netbackup/db/altnames (on the master server)  and create a file called the same as the destination server, type in the name of the source server 

Here is a tech note about  alternate file restore - The principle is the same for databases.

2: As root on the server you are restoring to, do : "bplist -C {host you are restoring from} -t 17-R -l -s {date before last backup}   / " . This should return file list, and we know altnames permission work. If not check altnames again. bplist is a little picky about it arguments  - You have been warned :-))

3: go to /oracle/AD2/{ora_version}/dbs/ and open initAD2.utl and edit the client field and set it to the server you are restoring from (save and exit)

4: go to /oracle/AD2 and create a bp.conf (group dba must have read permission). set the client field to the source server - save and exit.

5: restart restore,if  it still doesn't  work, try doing the bplist now as oraAD2 and post the result in this thread.

Also look at page 72 in the Veritas NetBackup™ for SAP Administrator’s Guide    section called "Redirecting a restore to a different client" 

Good luck.

PS: after restore REMEMBER to change the .utl and bp.conf back.

Assumption is the mother of all mess ups.

If this post answered your'e qustion -  Please mark as a soloution.

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Create such file in:
for UNIX backup server - /usr/openv/netbackup/db/altnames
fow WIndwos backup server - install_path\netbackup\db\altnames

Retry restore again.

For more information about redirected restore please check out chapter "Managing client restores" p.672 in this doc -in BOLD - I added other in addition:

- System Administrator's Guide for Windows, Volume 1 ( )
- System Administrator's Guide for Windows, Volume 2 ( )
- System Administrator's Guide for UNIX and Linux, Volume 1 ( )

- System Administrator's Guide for UNIX and Linux, Volume 2 ( )

Here under is brief quotation:
"Create an altnamesdirectory in the following location, then place the empty file inside of the directory:
The NetBackup client name setting on the requesting client must match the name of the client for which the backup was created. The peer name of the requesting client does not need to match the NetBackup client name setting.
Caution: The /usr/openv/netbackup/db/altnames directory can present a potential breach of security. Users that are permitted to restore files from other clients may also have local permission to create the files that are found in the backup.
To allow a single client to perform redirected restores
The NetBackup administrator can permit a single client to restore the backups that belong to other clients. Create a peername file on the NetBackup master server where the policy that backed up the other client(s) resides.
Note: The information within this section applies to restores made using the command line, not the Backup, Archive, and Restore client interface.