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Backup And Restore - Very simple jobs - How in 2012?

Created: 07 Jul 2012 • Updated: 13 Jul 2012 | 6 comments
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Hi, I have just upgraded to 2012. I run very simple jobs:

1. I label a blank tape LTO145.
2. I prepare a folder named LTO145 and fill it with 800GB of files.
3. I then back that folder up to tape to keep forever.
4. On a daily basis we need to access individual files on different tapes and restore them.

In 2010 I used to click on the 'Restore' button, then 'View By Media', channel down into the tape i'm interested in and select the required files I need to restore, hey presto.

So here are my questions:
1. I have backed up many files and folders to tapes throughout the years from many different locations (servers). Using an excel log I know I want to restore a particular file from Tape labeled LTO089, I have no idea where this tapes content was originally backup up from.
2. In version 2010, I went to 'Restore', then 'view by media', look down into Tape labeled LTO089 select the file I want to restore, change the restore location and hit restore.

Please tell me how I can do this same operation in 2012.

Basically I want to view all my catalogs via tape labeled (view by media), so I can view individual files and folders.


Kind regards.

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You can see the contents on a tape from Storage view, but a restore can't be initiated from media.

Restore job can be initiated by right-clicking on the server from Backup and Restore view. 

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The procedure to restore from an old tape should be similar to the procedure outlined in my article below

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Hi, cheers for the link, but I still cant' see all my tapes by labels. And all my 140 LTO4 tapes came from many many different servers, and I have no idea which tape came from which server. I have imported all the old catalogs so can see all the older backuped up locations, which are absolutley of no use to me. I need to see tapes and what are on them.

For example, a lot of my tapes were backed up from one particular server, so if I select that server and click restore, it takes me through to show all my backups from that server, BUT it lists all these backups by date and NOT by tape name (label). listing by date is not good to me as I have no log of exactly what date my backups were done, everything is linked to tape name (label). So how can I view by tape label?

Please help.

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Go to the Storage tab and click on All Media.  You should see your tapes.  Click on a particular tape and you would see the backup sets on that tape.  You would be able to see the servers which the backip sets are for.  The screenshot below is for disk media, but it should be the same for tape media.

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thanks for the suggestion, but it's not working for me.

When I goto restore I need to see the name of the tape, and NOT the date date it was created.
Please Symantec tell me there is a way to configure this product to make it usable again for me.


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What you want is not available in BE 2012.  If you want such a feature, post it as in the Ideas section.  If enough users agree with you, it might be included in a future release of BE.