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Backup are getting failed with the error

Created: 20 Sep 2010 • Updated: 21 Oct 2010 | 12 comments
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Backup jobs were getting failed with the following error :

The job was canceled because the response to a media request alert was Cancel, or because the alert was configured to automatically respond with Cancel, or because the Backup Exec Job Engine service was stopped.

And also find the below error, this also appers for the same backup job failed :

 V-79-57344-33039 Error - Mount Failed.

User Cancelled a Physical Volume Library Operation

 Someone could help me on this.

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Kiran Bandi's picture

Change the alert properties to clear auto respond for Media Insert Alert.

Alerts--> Auto Alerts --> Configure Alert Categories --> Media Insert Alert --> Respond Wit

Then try running the job again and check out the alert.

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Ok Kiran, I will try and update the status. Many thanks for you fast response.

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Hope it going to work. I am waiting for the tape to start the backup job.

One more doubt like :

How to go to alert properties window?

Kiran Bandi's picture

From the Navigation Pane click on Alerts tab..

From the left side task bar click on Configure Alert Categories...

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I couldn't find any Configure Alet Categories. I have attached a screenshot. Please have a look at that help me.

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Go to Tools --> Alerts Categories and click on Media Insert on the left-hand pane.  On the right-hand pane, uncheck the Clear Alert ... checkbox.  When this is done, your job will not cancel when it require an overwriteable tape.  It will just wait for you either cancel the media insert alert or insert an overwriteable tape into the tape drive.

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Choose the alert for which you want to see the properties, Under General Tasks in the task pane Click Properties.

Bottom half of your Active Alert window is already displaying Your Alert Properties.

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Oh, Yes yes. it worked.

Thank you very much for ur Help Kiran.

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