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Backup "Backup Exec" database manually or using beutiluty

Created: 08 Nov 2012 | 2 comments

I'm running BE 12.0 and was able to manually backup the BEDB_DAT.MDF via the following two methods:

1) Open CMD prompt
2) Type:   OSQL -L   (enter)   This will provide a list of SQL instances
3) Type:   OSQL -S [instancename] -E -n -Q "BACKUP DATABASE bedb TO DISK = 'c:\symantec\bedb_backup.dat' WITH INIT, SKIP"

1. Launch BEUtility at C:\program files\symantec\backup exec\beutility.exe
2. Click "All Media Servers" and locate the media server in question
3. Single-click the media server, in the right pane
4. In the left pane, scroll down to "Database Tasks"
5. Click "Check Database Consistency", then "Compact Database", then "Dump Database"
6. In the same folder as BackupExec's bedb.mdf, you should find the BEDB.BAK

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CraigV's picture

Not sure what the question is here, but BE automatically backs up the BEDB to bedb.bak at 4am every morning.

No need to do either unless you really want too/have too...


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

Colin Weaver's picture

As per Craig  V

Except you can change the 4:00am time so a goodpractice is to combine whatever time teh DB maintenance occurs to be followed by a backup job to protect the resulting BAK file and your catalogs folder.