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Backup Client loses Trust After Restore

Created: 06 Sep 2013 | 7 comments

I have installed Backup Exec 2012 SP2. I have the V-Ray Licenses to backup our Hyper-V hosts. Backup. Backup Jobs run successfully, but when I do a system state restore of a VM, the trust to the Domain Controller is lost. I have to disjoin the VM from the domain and rejoined it again, and then the trust relationship is restored. I understand that this can happen with old Backup Media, but the time difference of the Backup and the running environment is less than 3hours.

Does anyone have any hints?



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...that shouldn't happen. I'd suggest opening up a support query with Symantec around this, and feeding back here if they help you sort this out.


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This can be expected, if restoring from an older backup set (usually 30 days older or more)

But, in your case, 3 hrs is too quick.

Does this happen during any VM restore or was this a one-time occurence for this specific VM ? (Guessing the backup was taken on the rare day when the password was to be changed)

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Is the DC also on a VM ? If yes, was this VM also restored ?

On any VM - Group Policy, what's the value set for "Computer Configuration\windows Settings\Security settings\Local Policies\Security Options" ?

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The DC is also virtualized, But was not restored. The GPO settings have the default values

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As a test, take a snapshot of any VM. And then does reverting it cause this issue as well or is it just the restore ?

If just the restore, then would recommend to log a formal support case as well.

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I know where you are going with Snapshot, as I've experienced this when I took a snapshot of the domain controller in a lab, but I'll give it a try and let you know.