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Backup to Dedupe then duplicate to tape question

Created: 01 Feb 2013 • Updated: 01 Feb 2013 | 3 comments
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Hi folks,

When i create this type of job, and the "duplicate to tape" stage starts, does BE read the data from the source server and put it on the tape or does it take it from the dedupe store and put it on the tape? The reason I am asking is I am hoping to do backup some servers over a WAN link and although the initial backup to the dedupe folder may take a long time I can handle that, but ideally i will have the duplicate to tape running once a week so ideally it will take it from the dedupe storage and then put it on tape as that will be locally attached to the media server with the dedupe storage.



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It takes it from Dedup store

If a Wan Link is involved you have some options

Remote server on one side of WAN link configured with Client side Dedup, media server on other side of WAN link runs dedup store and tape library


Remote server and media server 1 with dedup folder on one side of link and another media server with dedup folder on the other side of the link that also has teh library

Then do local backup to deup on first media serevr, Opt Duplication to the other media server across teh WAN and duplicate to tape at the end.

Both have pros and cons

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Hi colin

thanks for the clarification

i'm thinking of having a media server at the remote site with a de-dupe store, then duplicating that to a central caso server with anothe dedupe store, then that off to tape. So your second suggestion seems a good fit.

So I suppose a monthly job would be:

Stage 1) - dedupe to the local dedupe store

Stage 2) - duplicate to the remote dedupe store on the caso server

Stage 3) - duplicate to disk

Or would the job need stage 1) removed? I'm not how with my above steps how to specifiy stage 3) to use the dedupe store in stage 2) rather than stage1)?

thanks for the advice

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Check our private cloud documentation (when reading it replace any VPN/WAN link to service provider with your own WAN link)