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Backup of deduplicated EMC storage failed

Created: 19 Oct 2012 | 2 comments


we backuped our EMC storage very well since many years now. Recently, the expert in storage activated the deduplication of our NS120 storage, and now only Full backup succeed, all incremental backup failed with the following error:

NDMP Log Message: SnapSure file system creation fails
NDMP Log Message: Mover encountered internal socket error.
NDMP Data Halted: Aborted
NDMP Mover Halted: Internal Error
I try to desactivate the option Snapsure, but i have another error message...
I would like to keep deduplication activated because storage space becomes critical.
Someone already face to this issue and find a solution?
Thx a lot for your help

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You don't backup dedupe'd look at duplicating it elsewhere, in which case it will rehydrate your data.

This sounds like more of an EMC question firstly...resolve what you need to on the storage array and then come back.


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Hello CraigV,

excuse me but i am not sure to understand what you said. 

I should make the deduplication in another filesystem or array?