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Backup Design for Environment with multiple sites

Created: 29 Oct 2012 • Updated: 31 Oct 2012 | 3 comments
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Hi all,

We are working on a design for a backup solution for an environment with mulitple sites and we are looking for advice and recommendations.

The environment we are working with consists out of 2 main sites and 5 subsites. The primary main site contains online disks used for back-up-to-disk and is connected with the secondary main site using 2 10Gbps private links. The secondary main site is connected with every subsite using 1Gbps private links.

We are looking into the idea where the primary main site will be used as back-up-to-disk site for the entire environment and where the secondary main site will be used to store a second copy of the backup data on tape. Deduplication will be used on the backup servers for back-up-to-disk.

Based on this scenario we have the following question before we can proceed. Do we provide a backup server per site that writes to the online disks at the primary main site or do we provide multiple backup servers in the primary main site that gather the data from the subsites?

What are the recommendations for a scenario where one wants to use a central backup site in a multi site environment?

Any advice is welcome.



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It would be good to have backup server on each site and then gather the data from the subsites. This way the backup time window would be less , as backup across site may run slower ..

Also it would be good to have a Central admin server.refer the following document .

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Your WAN links are strong enough to do backups across the WAN, and when considering deduplication this is a big consideration.

You're looking at the Enterprise Server Option which has the CASO option...this will allow you to manage multiple servers amongst other things, and do optimized deduplication which is what you want.

However, take a look at the TN below which details how to use the CASO server with optimized deduplication:

Optimized deduplication allows you to copy deduped data from 1 server/device to another. The guide below has all the information you are looking for:

So, you'd install the CASO on your primary site, BE on each site backup server backing up to a dedupe store, and then use optimized dedupe to move the data around...this is the long-and-short of it all.


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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Thanks for the advice. We are now finalizing the design keeping CASO and optimized deduplication in mind.