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Backup to different hardware fails

Created: 12 Jan 2013 | 2 comments

Hi all,

I am trying to recover my server system to a different machine to have a 2nd system for case of disaster.

When trying to recover the software (SDR 64Bit) tells me i cannot recover since the firmware types are dissimilar.

I am using the german version so I am not sure whether the translation is the exact error definition.

I cannot find any solution to this problem online.

Symantec says the system can be recovered to dissimilar hardware. So how ist it done? And what causes the error I am facing right now?

Thanks for your help.


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Without the error message, even if it is in German, it will be very difficult for us to help you.

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I think you got me wrong. The error message is mentioned above but translated, but I will give you the complete German Error Message. I am not sure whether this helps you.

Message Window Name: "Assistent 'Computer wiederherstellen'"

Message: "Die Firmware-Typen stimmen nicht überein. Der gesicherte und der aktuelle Firmware-Typ müssen übereinstimmen, damit die Wiederherstellung fortgesetzt werden kann."

This message is shown after I have selected the correct backup and then I select the drive where the data is. Then this message appears.

So when the software should be capable of recovering to dissimilar hardware, why is there an error complaining about different firmware-types? And what firmware is meant by this error.

I hope someone knows the error and the correspondig english error message.


p.s. at this point I have to mention that the german guides are are very superficial information on this site and not very helpful at all