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Backup-to-disc / How to delete old files

Created: 08 Jan 2008 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 3 comments

i am first time using backup exec with backup-to-disc.
i have setup two folders on a NAS , one for daily (mo-tu-we-th) and one for friday backup.
the daily should save the last backup for each weekday.
the friday should be hold for 5-6 weeks.

now the second time a monday backup runs, BE leaves the monday backup from last week untouched.
BE creates new numbered files in the correct directory but does nothing with the files from last monday.

the backups will not append, so every backup starts with a new file.
the lifetime until they will be overwritten i think i setup ok...

how do i have to setup to get only the last version of the weekday and further on the last 5-6 versions of the friday backups?

who can give a little tip?


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Hywel Mallett's picture
Well you appear to have two questions here:
  • How do I delete B2D files?
  • Why aren't my B2D files overwriting?

If you are sure that you have set the Overwrite Protection Period correctly on the media sets (see here), then the most likely thing is that your media protection settings as set to use scratch media before recyclable media. This basically means that when BE requires new media, it first checks to see whether it can create a new B2D file rather than reuse an overwritable one. You want it to see if it can use an overwritable one before it creates a new one. The setting is found under Tools, Options, Media Management, Media Overwrite Options. Have a look here too. You can check if media is overwritable as it appears in blue in the media view.

To delete B2D files, the best way is to delete the media from BE first, by moving it to Retired Media, then deleting it. Then delete the files from the B2D folder.

dragstar-650's picture

Wow, superfast answer.
Seems to me to be the right one ;-)

I just checked the options as you said and changed the selection.

right now my backup files from the last days have overwrite protection for about 6-7 weeks and i can't find the place where to change this timespan for the jobs... can you tell me?

is it possible to change the overwrite protection for a job/media which is already done?

many thanks again,

Hywel Mallett's picture
The Overwrite protection is determined by a combination of the media's allocated date, and the Overwrite Protection Period of the media set the media is in.
If the OPP is set correctly on a media set, then you can simply move media to the correct media set, and the Overwritable date will automatically change to reflect the media set.