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Backup to Disk

Created: 27 Sep 2012 | 1 comment

I am using Backup Exec 11D. I am testing out backing up to disk. I ran a backup to disk last night. I see three files after the backup.

B2D000001   (type = Windows backup file)



I plan on backing up to tape the B2D000001 file. I need to do this as the server that has the B2D000001 on disk has only so much room and backing up the B2D000001 file to tape and then removing the B2D000001 from the server sounds like a good plan. Open to suggestions.

Two questions:

1. In addition to the B2D000001 file will I also need to backup to tape the Changer.cfg & Folder.cfg files?

2. When doing a restore from the tape that has the B2D000001 file can Backup Exec 11D show me the folders / files on it to do a restore of a file or folders?


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You should not backup .BKF files to tape (like flat files). If you backup .BKF files to tape, you will need to spend more time and efforts to restore the datat (whenever you may require to do that).

During a restore, you will have to first restore the .BKF files to a disk location, thn create a backup to disk folder, Catalog the .bkf files (wait for the catalog job to complete) and then restore.

This technote will help you understand why what you are planning to do is not recommended:

Reasons why backing up or copying backup to disk data files is NOT recommended

Recommended method is to create and run a Duplicate backup job to tape.

More information on Deuplicate backups

If you create and run a Duplicate job, you can directly restore information from the tape if required. This will reduce the time and effort for restore.